RIIA 2012 Spring Conference

by Tom McDonough on April 2, 2012

2012 Spring Conference Addressed Major Issues and Trends Around Trust, Demographics, and Innovation in the Retirement Income Industry.

RIIA conferences are more eclectic and less parochial than others, as its motto – “the view across the silos” – would suggest. To be more precise: a more networking-driven mix of executives and entrepreneurs, political mavericks and compulsive students-of-the-income-game can’t be found at any other conference in this space.
– Kerry Pechter, editor, Retirement Income Journal.

Held at the Ibbotson/Morningstar Headquarters from March 19-20 in Chicago, IL, RIIA’s 2012 Spring Conference brought together the innovators and leaders in the Defined Contribution arena and Retail Distribution who shared experiences, research findings, and real-world challenges in defining success in the retirement income industry.

Check out the spring conference brochure and mark your calendar for the
RIIA Fall Conference, October 4-5, 2012 at the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA.

RIIA will bring to you its unique View Across the Silos that will allow you to see industry disruptions before others do, and help you become part of the solutions that will support millions of Americans who want to create sound, reliable strategies for generating income from wealth in retirement.

Presentations are available in the member area.

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