The Retirement Management Journal

by Tom McDonough on March 4, 2011

Designed to promote research, scholarship, and innovative thinking on retirement management topics.

The Retirement Management JournalSM (RMJSM) is a peer-reviewed publication that benefits from RIIA’s “View Across the Silos” to centralize retirement income and retirement management articles. Currently these articles are published in “silo-specific” publications. This makes them hard to find and little read by the retirement-focused Financial Advisors who are most in need of the thinking and practice sharing. RMJSM articles and papers contribute to broadening and deepening the industry’s body of knowledge for retirement income and retirement management.

Retirement Management Journald issue 1The 2011 inaugural issue of the RMJ℠ is currently available as a free download and includes the winning submission for the Practitioner Thought Leadership Award.

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The RMJSM will accept papers for submission with the goal of making the magazine thought provoking, stimulating, practical, inspirational and sometimes controversial.

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In addition, the RMJSM serves as required reading for those people who have achieved the RMASM advanced designation to earn continuing education credits. Learn more about the RMASM designation.

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The deadline for authors to submit articles to be considered for the 2011 Fall Academic Thought Leadership award is June 1, 2011.

For more information about the RMJSM and the Thought Leadership Awards, please contact Bob Powell.

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